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About AFE

AFE, Advanced Flow Engineering, is a producer of high flow, high performance air filters & intake systems for the automotive industry. In addition the their cold air intakes and filters, AFE also manufactures the new AFE Scorcher  tuner. Founded in 1999, AFE was created to address the a lack of choice for a high performance aftermarket air filter.

AFE is comprised of a team of engineers, machinists, as well as production and sales people that believe in the product that they design. Each of them have years of experience in their respective positions. Together they work to ensure that they produce the best product on the market. When they started business in 1999, their intent was not just to be another vendor that offers air filters. They chose to pay attention to the finer details that set an AFE filter apart from the competition.

This year AFE has introduced an exciting new addition to their line performance applications. Entering into the performance programmer arena, AFE has teamed up with Superchips Tuning (a leader in aftermarket tuning) to develop a new line of tuning options developed to work hand in hand with AFE Cold Air Intake Systems. This exciting new line of programmers is available for both Gas and Diesel vehicles as follows:



Chevy and GMC


Does Scorcher tuners support custom tuning?
Scorcher tuners are engineered to have multiple tunes per unit and includes tunes that are specifically designed around aFe performance products. Custom tuning is not offered at this time.

What aftermarket accessories will my Scorcher programmer work with?
Scorcher programmers are engineered to work with following parts right out of the box: throttle body spacers, shorty headers, cat-back or turbo back exhaust systems, air filters, intake/exhaust manifolds and cold air intake systems. Compatibility may vary by make and model. If you have any questions, please contact the Power Professionals at 951-493-7155.

What are the differences in the download packages/update options?
A 'Standard Update' gives you the latest Scorcher operating software and tunes for your vehicle. Standard updates download automatically when using the Easy Update software. Once this is complete you will have the option to choose additional downloads and features such as Data Acquisition and advanced tunes that only aFe Power supports. Read each package to know what is right for you.

Does Scorcher work on Cab and Chassis trucks?
Scorcher supports 'complete' truck models such as F-150, Silverado, Ram 1500. We do not support cutaway cab and chassis pickups built from cab and chassis frames. These vehicles are considered 'incomplete'.

What if I have a later model Turbo Diesel with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? Will the Scorcher work?
Your Scorcher programmer is 100% compatible with DPF-equipped vehicles. Your diesel vehicle is required to be equipped with a DPF to promote cleaner emissions. The filter reduces the amount of harmful exhaust emitted from the tailpipe. As soot builds up in the DPF, it will begin restricting the filter. The soot that gathers is automatically purged in one of two ways; passive regeneration or active regeneration. Both occure automatically and require no action on the driver's part. Scorcher products do not currently have the capability to turn off the DPF function (DPF-Delete).

How do I update my programmer?
Your Scorcher programmer is designed to be easy to update. Simply follow the Easy Update section of the Getting Started guide. All you need is an internet connection, aFe Power username and password and a few minutes. Go to to download the Easy Update software and set up your username and password.

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