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Superchips Logo      The World Best Selling Tuners

The Superchips family of performance tuners is our best selling line. And with so many different options, Superchips has a tuner for every budget. Based in Sanford Florida, Superchips was one of the first companies to produce optimized tuning options for late model computer controlled vehicles.

So why do we at like the Superchips product line so much? Actually, there are several reasons.


Superchips is one of the most dependable brands we sell. Super chips uses rear-wheel dyno testing to develop and validate all of their horse power and torque gains. Some companies will use "flywheel" dyno results, which tests the engine only, and fail to take into account the rest of the vehicle. Power delivered to the tires is what matters. Superchips also spends a lot of time tuning the automatic transmission shift characteristics. This doesn't show up on a dyno chart, but you will feel the difference. We also noticed that these transmission adjustments help Superchips products to provide some of the most impressive mileage increases of any of the tuners on the market today.


Yes, you read it right. We like the Superchips line because their tuning is sane. Superchips does a variety of testing to ensure that you'll get maximum horse power and torque gains without breaking engine or transmission parts. For instance, most diesel owners know how important it is to keep exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's) as low as possible. Diesel engines can be damaged if exhaust temperatures are allowed to riser for any length of time. It's a lot easier to get big power gains if you don't worry about EGT's. Superchips creates tunes that increase Hp and Torque, without allowing the EGT's to rise as a result. The tuning provided by the Superchips line of products is designed to increase the life of your vehicle, not shorten it.


The Superchips line of products are designed to grow with you. First, all of the Superchips tuners are designed to work with the most popular performance parts including cold-air intake and free flowing exhaust systems, as well as many aftermarket throttle bodies.


Superchips offers products for every need and every budget. All Superchips tuners are internet updateable, and many can be upgraded to the next level tuner via the internet (for a fee) at a later date.

Mileage XS: Built for mileage gains, the Superchips Mileage XS has one available tune that was specifically designed to increase the MPG of your vehicle. Unlike most other mileage tuners on the market today, the Mileage XS also includes many other options such as transmission adjustments, as well as gear and tire size calibration just to name a few. Want to get more tuning options, including performance and tow tunes? Then look below at the Superchips Flashpaq.

Flashpaq: Simply put, the Superchips Flashpaq is our best selling tuner. Offering at least three tuning levels for both gas and diesel vehicles including Performance, Towing and Mileage XS tunes, the Superchips Flashpaq has the options that most of our customers are looking for. Besides the three available tunes, the Superchips Flashpaq has a full list of features to optimize your vehicles performance including transmission optimization, tire and gear calibration, and more. Want even more features out of your tuner, like data acquisition? Look below at the Superchips Cortex.

Cortex: The Cortex is currently Superchips' top of the line tuner. The Superchips Cortex has all of the features of the Flashpaq, but also includes data acquisition. The Superchips Cortex also features a single part number for every line of vehicles. For instance, buy a Cortex for your Ford diesel truck, and it can be transferred to your Ford Mustang any time you want (but it will only work on one at a time).

Vivid: Scheduled for release in 2011, the Superchips VIVID will introduce a whole new level of hand held tuners. Using Bluetooth technology and built on an Android Operating System, the Superchips VIVID does much more than just tune. Unlike previous Superchips tuners, the Superchips VIVID is designed to remain in view of the driver and will offer real time gauges, Inclinometer / G-Force Meter, Maintenance Minder, HD Audio and Video, Gaming, and more. The Superchips VIVID is also GPS and Back Up Camera capable.

Vigilante: Scheduled for release in 2011, the Superchips created the Vigilante tuner for Harley Davidson motorcycles. With over 27 years of tuning experience, the Superchips Vigilante will unlock the performance potential in your bike.

Internet updateable

All Superchips tuners are internet updateable. We cannot stress enough how important it is that your new tuner is updateable . Since Superchips offers free updates over the internet, you will always have the latest tune for your vehicle. Superchips even offers a discount if you decide to upgrade to the next level programmer at a later date.

Customer Service

The biggest reason that we at recommend the Superchips line of tuners is because of it's reputation of quality products. We promote the Superchips brand because we don't want you to need customer service. But as with any piece of electronics equipment, things can happen. And that's when you will appreciate the customer service provided by Superchips. When you contact Superchips for technical support, you will be pleasantly surprised that you will get a real person (located in America) to assist you. In most cases, there is little to no hold time, and the customer service at Superchips is second to none. Located in Florida, Superchips is available Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm EST to assist you with any questions you might have.

February 25, 2013; Superchips Announces The Release of the All New Superchips Vigilante Motorcycle Tuner
Superchips proudly announces the all new Superchips Vigilante tuning and digital gauge package for 2001-13 fuel-injected Harley Davidson motorcycles! The Vigilante comes with the same power and functionality you have grown to love from Superchips, and is now available for your Harley! The Superchips Vigilante is an Android-based product that includes tuning and monitoring from a tablet or smartphone.

The Vigilante Scout is a comprehensive gauge package that enables Harley owners to wirelessly monitor real-time data on their Android device! Whether you want to record your 0-60 time or keep an eye on speed, RPM or a host of other parameters, Scout delivers. Additional Scout features include the option to read and clear trouble codes and data logging capability. Check out our innovative mounting solution for customers planning to mount their Android phones to their bike for digital data monitoring.

The Superchips Vigilante Flash includes all the great benefits of the Scout device with the added feature of tuning your Harley to accommodate aftermarket hi-flow intakes and exhaust systems. Tuning is simple – connect the Vigilante Bluetooth tuning module to your bike. Pair your Android phone/tablet to the tuning device and use the Vigilante smartphone app to answer simple questions about your bike and its aftermarket intake and exhaust upgrades. We’ll find a calibration/map for your setup and instantly deliver it to your phone/tablet. Hit the “program calibration” button on your phone/tablet app and your bike is tuned! Go to the Google Play Store and download the Superchips Vigilante app for free to demo this amazing technology!

August 25, 2012: Superchips August Newsletter

Check out our August Newsletter! We have many exciting announcements and events coming up that you will want to know about. In each newsletter you will find the latest new product offerings, new application coverage, future products, dealer information and tools, and other newsworthy industry information. We hope you enjoy reading it!


This month Superchips announced the release of the all new iHawk monitoring system. The Superchips iHawk PATENT-PENDING system can be used to acquire vehicle, weather, and performance data, and integrates them all to provide accurate results. The Superchips iHawk is like having a dyno, digital gauge cluster, code scanner, data logger, and a quarter mile drag strip for your vehicle. And the iHawk is controlled and packaged within your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.

Explore the Trails and Win: The Superchips Ultimate Geocache Adventure Sweepstakes!

We have just released 2,000 trackable geocaching medallions into the wild. As an added bonus, participants will be randomly chosen to win 1 of 4 Jeep TrailDash programmers being given away. There are several ways join the Superchips adventure – and it's easy! You can participate in any (or all!) of the following ways:

The Superchips TrailDash is the most advanced programming device for Jeep enthusiasts and comes equipped with the following features:

- Easy to use color touch screen monitor - Multiple tuning levels for 98-2010 Jeep gas applications - User selectable gauge options for viewing real time engine sensor data - Diagnostic and trouble code scanner - Digital Inclinometer - And much more...

Click on the following pages for official Rules and Instructions , then go to the Entry Form to become a part of this exciting promotion. The sweepstakes entry period ends on October 8, 2012. Discover the world of high-tech treasure hunting and join millions of others in finding your next adventure.


How do you recall rounding out your summer before heading back to school? Cody Rahders like to "wind down" by racing in as many events as he can within the WORCCS and Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Cody took home another win in the Production 700 Class at the most recent WORCS race and captured the third fastest time amongst all classes. Starting a staged 45 seconds behind, Cody chased down the flight in front of him and not only won his class but gave the field in front of him a run for their money! Cody sits in 1st place in his class and has one final round in the WORCS series. Toyo Tires jumped on board to help R3 Motorsports for Rounds 9 and 10 and the Lucas Oil Off Road Race and Cody was one of the fastest in the SuperLite field. After leading most of the race Saturday, a green-white checkered flag made for a mad dash to the end. Cody overheated but hung on for a sixth place finish. Competitors within the series have loads of respect for Cody given his hard nose, no nonsense approach partnered with his clean racing lines.

Jason Kaminsky and Rick Jenkins teamed up to bring home the Mountain Region Championship in the Dirt Riot Series. The Superchips equipped, stock class LJ Wrangler navigated a challenging course and turned in an impressive time to solidify the top spot within the series. "We've had a solid string of runs starting with the Smittybuilt Everyman Challenge at King of the Hammers" said Kaminsky. Jason continued "Recently we installed the new Superchips TrailDash and I've got to say that in addition to the power Superchips is known for, the unique set of features makes racing and daily driving lots of fun!" Congrats to Jason and Rick! Both of these drivers are key influencers in the off road community and will be facilitating the Four Corners 4x4 Show & Swap coming up September 23rd in Farmington, NM. Stay tuned for additional details.

W.E.ROCK... World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series

Superchips is pleased to announce that we will be the title sponsor for the W.E. Rock Grand National Championship September 28th – 29th in Dayton, TN as well as the Dirt Riot Endurance Racing National Rampage October 12th – 13th, in Bridgeport, TX. The W.E. Rock event is the West Series and East Series final combination race where a champion will be crowned in front of over 5,000 expected fans. Superchips sponsored driver, Aaron Sykes is likely to make some noise at this event with an impressive showing at all W.E. Rock events thus far heading into Dayton. The Dirt Riot Endurance race will host racers from all five regional classes. These races always provide some amazing photo opportunities so be sure to check out the W.E. Rock/Dirt Riot Series website, our Facebook page, and feel free to share any shots you may take if you attend.


Ask almost anyone how their summer has been and the word "hot" will certainly be included in their reply. In addition to experiencing record setting temperatures, Superchips dealers have been attending various shows and events near and far. High Country 4x4 was on hand for the Mile High Jeep Club's All 4 Fun event. Jeeps of all shapes and sizes made the trek to Empire, CO for some wheeling and good times with fellow enthusiasts. Event highlights included various trail runs, a BBQ dinner, and of course the vendor day. Attendees were very interested in the new TrailDash and several Jeep owners made the wise choice to purchase a Superchips unit to give their ride added performance and drivability. Big thanks to High Country 4x4, the Mile High Jeep Club, and event coordinator Jeff Miller for their hospitality and attention to detail. What a great event!

Do you drive a JK? You will want to keep a close eye on our Vehicle Programmers Facebook Page and check out As a sponsor of this incredible adventure, we plan to post what is sure to be some amazing footage and stories from those making the trip. This week long journey will cover the Midwest. One of the cool parts (one of the many!) about this trip is that the drivers don't know what each day entails. Trails could run from mild to wild – likely more on the wild side. Each morning coordinates will be distributed and off the adventure will go. Stay tuned for more updates and social media posts. This event kicks off Sept 1st.


What's important to your Jeep customers? Squeezing hidden horsepower and torque out of their engines? Determining potential problems with their daily driving experience? Running a few degrees cooler in traffic or off-roading? Superchips has the solution with the TrailDash performance monitor.

Using the data logging feature in the Superchips TrailDash, your customers will receive a comprehensive, accurate picture of their vehicle's condition such as speed, temperatures, pressures, and more!


Q: I just bought a VIVID for my 2006 Jeep WK Grand Cherokee and will be pulling a trailer. Is there an 87 octane TOW tune available?

A: If you're going to tow with our tuning installed you will need to run the 91 octane fuel. The higher octane fuel reduces the chances of engine pinging when tuned and towing a load. Otherwise you can set the vehicle back to stock and tow as normal.

August 16, 2012: Superchips Announces New Product Release
Just Arrived!!! Superchips has just announced the release of the all new iHawk. The all new Superchips iHawk is a vehicle monitoring system made to work with your iPhone or iPad Touch. The Superchips iHawk is like a virtual test track ... at your fingertips! Capture data like a pit crew! Measure your ride, just like the pros!

June 20, 2012: Superchips June Newsletter
June signals the release of two long awaited products from Superchips, the TrailDash and Trail Jammer TDX. The TrailDash 438753 combines Superchips' world class tuning with an in-cabin monitor. The TrailDash can be securely mounted in a comfortable viewing location using the included windshield mounting kit or optional Dash Pod allowing you the opportunity to add performance and real time data monitoring capabilities to your 98-06 Jeep 4.0L TJ or 07-10 Jeep JK.

The TrailDash 438753 works on 98-2010 Jeep Gas applications.

The TrailDash gets even better when you add the Expandable Accessory System or EAS to your Jeep allowing connection of multiple aftermarket accessories directly to your TrailDash.

If tuning is not the only upgrade you have in mind for your Jeep, and you are considering adding a cold air intake to your JK and/or a throttle body to your TJ, then we suggest looking into a Trail Jammer TDX.

The Trail Jammer TDX kit includes the best hard parts and custom tuning using the all new TrailDash programmer to provide users with improved performance and drivability that is second to none.

June 12, 2012: Superchips Announces the Release of the New Superchips TrailDash
Superchips is excited to announce the release of the revolutionary product for Jeeps, the TrailDash. The Superchips TrailDash for Jeeps was designed by hardcore Jeep enthusiasts and features Superchips' proven street and trail tunes which have been tested in multiple altitudes and climates including the legendary trails of Moab. The TrailDash provides more features and benefits for Jeep enthusiasts than any other Jeep performance product on the market today.

TraiDash becomes your Jeep's central command center using the revolutionary EAS (Expandable Accessory System). EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories, daisy-chain style, directly to the TrailDash. Turn heads with a custom mount! Dash Pods offer a clean mounting solution for your TrailDash. It looks great mounted on the center console and provides a finished, factory look to your Jeep. The TrailJammer TDX takes Superchips industry leading tuning and combines it with in-cabin monitoring and custom hard parts. The TrailDash, custom cold air intake, dash mount, and 62MM throttle body (non JKs) offer unparalleled features for your Jeep.

May 25, 2012: Superchips May Newsletter


Check out our May Newsletter!  We have many exciting announcements and events coming up that you will want to know about. In each newsletter you will find the latest new product offerings, new application coverage, future products, and other newsworthy industry information.  You can also follow us on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and StreetFire. We hope you enjoy reading it!

What’s New

The TrailDash is in its final stages of building.  The first units should be leaving the door by the end of May!  The TrailDash is the most advanced Jeep tuner and monitoring device on the market. Designed by hardcore Jeep enthusiasts the TrailDash features Superchips’ proven street and trail tunes which have been tested in multiple altitudes and climates including the legendary trails of Moab.  If you don't have orders in yet for this product you need to get them in.  This is Superchips highest demand product in company history! 

 2011-2012 GM 6.6L Duramax LML now available!

Superchips’ history and experience delivers impressive power that is evident with the recently released 2011-12 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 6.6L LML and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L LML diesels. Included are multiple power levels and some user-tunable options.  
2011-2012 GM LML Duramax Features

- 4 Power levels tuned with Emissions Systems intact
- Adds up to + 81HP in Performance level
- Adds up to + 170 lbs-ft of TQ in Performance level
- Speed Limiter adjustability
- Tire Size adjustability
- Improve HP, TQ, and drivability
- Enhanced Throttle response
- Installs in minutes
- Internet Updateable
- Scan Tool/Diagnostics

Superchips VIVID LINQ 128580 for 2011-2012 Chevy & GMC 6.6L Duramax Diesel
Superchips Flashpaq 2858 for 2011-2012 Chevy & GMC 6.6L Duramax Diesel

Sponsorship Highlight

Superchips sponsored driver, Jason Kaminsky, claimed victory at AreaBFE for the WEROCK Dirt Riot Offroad Endurance Race in Moab, Utah on April 7-8!  Kaminsky drove a solid race in his Flashpaq equipped LJ.  “I think the racing was great for both spectators and the racers, and the spring desert weather couldn’t have been nicer” said Kaminsky.  Superchips recently stepped up to help Jason pursue an Ultra4 Series championship for the Rocky Mountain region.  Jason came off an impressive performance from King of the Hammers and it is clear he is building on the momentum he took from Johnson Valley, CA.  We wish Jason the best of luck and look forward to photos and race reports from the remaining events this year.

Cody Rahders ran an incredible race in Lake Elsinore, CA in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series!  Rahders navigated the Superchips SuperLite truck to the front of the field.  After positioning himself for his first career victory in the series, Cody’s left rear tire went down with one turn to go!  This was a heartbreaker for Cody and his crew.  After the race, Cody continued to carry himself with the professionalism and class that has continued to contribute to his success in his very young career. Cody has already racked up victories in the WORCS series this year and we’re sure there is more hardware to follow wherever he straps in and races.


Superchips has been all over the country this spring for various events and shows.  We have been excited to connect with customers and enthusiasts from coast to coast and discuss some new products that are just a few weeks away from launching.  Our industry leading line of Jeep products has been well received at some huge events recently, including the Moab Easter Jeep Safari and Jeep Beach.  Show participants and attendees have had an opportunity to take a sneak peek at our new TrailDash!  There has been an overwhelming positive response with this product and everyone, from hardcore rock crawlers to daily drivers, is excited to take advantage of some of the exclusive features that will be offered for their Jeeps. We go out to many exciting events so follow us and our sponsors on Facebook for pre and post event information

Superchips 101

Want to see view your vehicles 0-60 and ¼ mile before and after tuning your vehicle with a Superchips tuning level? Try our Advanced Data Acquisition software.  If you own a Flashpaq or Cortex you will need to install it from our Internet Software.  If you own one of our revolutionary VIVID products this software will already be loaded in the software.

Tech Tip of the Week

Question:  I have a 2006 Ford F-150 and was looking at Cold Air Intakes (CAI) for it. Does your product work with these installed?

Answer: The short answer is YES. Since a CAI can change parameters on a gas vehicle it is best to get a programmer that can tune with your CAI. This will help your engine run proper and get the most out of your newly installed CAI. On gas engines we will find the popular CAI systems and build calibrations for these that a customer can download from our Internet Update Software to their device. This is just one reason why you can’t go wrong with a Superchips product! 

April 21, 2012: Superchips Announces the Tax Rebate Promo
Did you end up getting money back from Uncle Sam this year? Is that money burning a hole in your pocket and you're looking for performance? We’ve got the perfect deal for you. Trick out your truck/Jeep/SUV and save some green!

For a limited time, Superchips is offering a mail-in rebate from now till May 31, 2012 for up to $50 on either a Trail Jammer Kit or VIVID PAQ systems and a $25 rebate for VIVID LINQ, Flashpaq, or Cortex products. In addition to the rebate we are allowing MVP dealers to discount up to an additional 10% off regular retail pricing*. Dealer participation in this promotion is voluntary; all dealers have the discretion whether or not to offer the full, allowed dealer discount – if any – as described.

Promo Details:
• Rebate purchase dates: April 15, 2012- May 31, 2012
• Rebate claims must be postmark by June 30, 2012
• Rebate amounts: Flashpaq, Cortex, and VIVID Linq $25, Trail Jammer and VIVID Paq's $50.
• Dealers are also allowed to discount up to 10% off the MVP price of the products if they choose to at their own discretion.
• You can receive up to 10% off from the dealer as well as a $25 or $50 rebate from Superchips for maximum savings!

April 16, 2012: Superchips Announces the Scheduled Release of the new TrailDash for Jeep Vehicles
Superchips proudly announces the release of a revolutionary product for Jeeps, the all new Superchips TrailDash. The Superchips TrailDash is the most advanced Jeep tuner and monitoring device on the market today. The TrailDash was designed by hardcore Jeep enthusiasts, and features Superchips’ proven street and trail tunes which have been tested in multiple altitudes and climates including the legendary trails of Moab.

The TrailDash provides more features and benefits for Jeep enthusiasts than any other Jeep performance product on the market today.TrailDash becomes your Jeep’s central command center using the revolutionary EAS (Expandable Accessory System). EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories, daisy-chain style, directly to the TrailDash.

Turn heads with a custom mount! Dash Pods offer a clean mounting solution for your TrailDash. It looks great mounted on the center console and provides a finished, factory look to your Jeep.

The Superchips Trail Jammer TDX takes Superchips industry leading tuning and combines it with in-cabin monitoring and custom hard parts. The TrailDash, custom cold air intake, dash mount, and 62MM throttle body (non JKs) offer unparalleled features for your Jeep.

Products are schedule to ship May 31, 2012. The TrailDash is the most advanced Jeep performance product available, with its custom Dash Pod no other products compare!!! Be sure to get your orders in now!

Superchips February Newsletter
Superchips is starting 2012 with a bang! Do you have an Android™ powered Smart phone? How about a product that lets you tune your vehicle with Superchips award winning tunes, run your gauges, diagnostics, performance tests, and more from your Android phone/device. No problem, the Superchips VIVID LINQ takes care of that for you! No other performance company lets you use your Android phone/device to tune your vehicle and monitor data in one app.

How about a Ford F-150 EcoBoost programmer that produces more HP and TQ than any other Eco Boost programmer on the Market today? Done. Superchips has you covered!

If you own 2011-2012 Ford 6.7L and are disappointed with power gains on your current programmer, you might want to think about trading up with Superchips Flashpaq for 2011-2012 Ford 6.7L diesel trucks or the Superchips VIVID LINQ FOR 2011-2012 Ford 6.7L diesel trucks.

These products are now shipping and available.

2011-2012 Ford F-250 SD/F-350 SD 6.7L Power Stroke Vehicle Coverage:  • Available in Flashpaq #1858 and VIVID LINQ #118580 • Adds up to 157 horsepower and 180 lb./ft. torque • Enhanced throttle response for better ‘seat of the pants’ feel • Power, fuel economy & towing tunes included • Three transmission settings (Mild, Wild and Extreme) • Increased Rev limiter • Monitor & record driving & vehicle performance with data logging • Real-time vehicle sensor display

VIVID LINQ 118580 Flashpaq 1858

2011-2012 GM 4.8L,5.3L & 6.2L Gas Truck Vehicle Coverage: • Adds up to 13 horsepower and 16 lb./ft. of torque • Improved throttle response for improved drivability • User adjustable transmission shift points and firmness  • Recalibrate your speedometer for upgraded tires and gears • Adjustable cooling fan options • Available in Flashpaq, Cortex and VIVID

VIVID PAQ 528650 VIVID LINQ 128650 Cortex 2950 Flashpaq 2865

2011 – 2012 F150 3.7L EcoBoost Vehicle Coverage • Available in Flashpaq #1868 and VIVID LINQ #118680 • Adds up to 54 horsepower and 68 lb./ft. of torque • Optimized throttle response • Power, fuel economy & towing tunes included • Improved transmission shift points and firmness  • Corrections for tire and gear upgrades • Spark advanced tuning options

VIVID LINQ 118680 Flashpaq 1868

Superchips VIVID LINQ is the only tuning device in the industry designed to work with Android OS smart phones.* LINQ is available for nearly 1,000 vehicle applications including most popular truck, performance car, and SUV’s produced in the last decade. LINQ is a Bluetooth wireless vehicle tuning interface that turns your phone into a performance tuner, diagnostic trouble code tool, PID reader, driving coach, or virtual dash board with the touch of the phone screen. Combine your Android phone with LINQ for an affordable yet advanced vehicle tuning experience!


Year Range 

Part Number

Retail Pricing

Ford Diesel

1999 – 2010



Ford Diesel

2011 – 2012



Ford Gas

1999 – 2012 



Ford EcoBoost 3.5L

2011 – 2012 



GM Diesel

2001 – 2010* 



GM Gas

1999 – 2012



Dodge Diesel

2003 – 2009



Dodge Gas

2003 – 2010




2003 – 2010



* Good news for owners of the 2011-2012 Duramax owners. The Superchips Flashpaq tuning for 2011-2012 Chevy & GMC Duramax Diesel and the Superchips VIVID LINQ tuning for 2011-2012 Chevy & GMC Duramax Diesel is coming soon

January 24, 2012; Superchips Flashpaq Released for 2011 Ford F250 SD – F350 SD 6.7L Diesels
The addition of 1858 Superchips Flashpaq for Ford F250 SD and F350 SD Power Stroke Diesel 2011 6.7L creates monster performance capable of tackling the most demanding challenges. Superchips has optimized truck performance for the desired combination of maximum performance and maintenance reliability. Your Super Duty operates in demanding conditions and Superchips delivers even more performance. You can tune for high performance, heavy load towing or mileage improvement. The choice is clear. Demand Superchips and our 28 years of doing-it-the-right way attitude. You will experience the difference.

  • Greater increases in horsepower, torque & drivability
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Includes multiple dyno-proven power levels
  • Monitor & record driving & vehicle performance with data logging
  • Real-time vehicle sensor display

January 10, 2012; Superchips Releases Tuning for the 2011 GM Trucks and SUV's
Superchips has just announced the release of their highly anticipated tuning for the 2011 Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.2L V8 engines. This performance programming is available in the following Superchips part numbers:

January 03, 2012; Superchips Begins Shipping the Superchips VIVID for Jeep Vehicles
Great news for Jeep owners... the long wait is finally over. Now owners of 1998 and newer Jeep vehicles can get the long awaited Superchips VIVID for these high performance vehicles. All Jeep vehicle coverage is inlcuded in the Superchips VIVID 538750 for Jeep vehicles.

Superchips December Newsletter


Superchips’ Research and Development team has been working hard developing the next wave of tuning for late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs. We recently finished up a few great new applications including F-150, Mustang, and Ford’s large SUVs.  We’re wrapping up validation testing on the all-new 6.7L Powerstroke and the 2011 GM V8 gas truck/SUV powertrains. The F-150 V6 EcoBoost isn’t too far behind these introductions. Below are some of the cool features on these new Superchips-tuned vehicles! 

2011 MY Ford F-150 6.2L, 5.0L, and 3.7L Vehicle Coverage

  • Up to +24 max horsepower and +34 lb-ft of max torque 
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Optimized shift points and shift firmness (Mild, Wild and Extreme)
  • Rev limiter adjustments
  • Read and clear trouble codes
  • Internet updatable

    Available in VIVID PAQ #518650, Cortex #1950 & Flashpaq #1865

    2012 MY Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 & Mustang 3.7L V6 Vehicle Coverage:
  • Up to +35 max horsepower and +40 lb-ft of max torque
  • Global spark adder
  • Multiple transmission options for setting shift points, pressures and skip shift disable
  • Calibrate for axle ratio and tire size changes
  • Read and clear trouble codes
  • Internet updatable

    Available in VIVID PAQ #518650, Cortex #1950 & Flashpaq #1865

    2011 MY Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator Vehicle Coverage: 

  • Up to +38 max horsepower and +57 lb-ft of max torque
  • Enhanced throttle response and shift adjustments
  • Optimized shift firmness
  • Raise rev limiter and noticeable drivability improvements 
  • Read and clear trouble codes
  • Internet updatable

    Available in VIVID PAQ #518650, Cortex #1950 & Flashpaq #1865


2011 Ford F-250 SD/F-350 SD 6.7L PowerStroke Vehicle Coverage:

  • Adds significantly more horsepower and torque than stock or other tuning companies
  • Enhanced throttle response for better ‘seat of the pants’ feel
  • Power, fuel economy & towing tunes included
  • Three transmission settings (Mild, Wild and Extreme 
  • Increased Rev limiter
  • Monitor & record driving & vehicle performance with data logging
  • Real-time vehicle sensor display

    Available in VIVID PAQ #518580 & Flashpaq #1858

    2011 GM 5.3L, 6.0L Gas Truck Vehicle Coverage:

  • Improved horsepower and more torque
  • Enhanced throttle response for better ‘seat of the pants’ feel
  • Power, fuel economy & towing tunes included
  • Monitor & record driving & vehicle performance with data logging
  • Internet Updateable

    Available in VIVID PAQ #528650, Cortex #2950 & Flashpaq #2865


2011 – 12 F150 3.7L EcoBoost Vehicle Coverage

It’s in our lab right now and we’re making great power. We have a few loose ends to tie up before we release the tuning to the street. We can’t give out power numbers right now, but rest assured that we’ll surpass the competition in horsepower and drivability.

IMPROVING YOUR MILEAGE sounds impossible at times for some but there are simple steps that have resulted in actual mileage gains. Those steps include checking your air filter regularly for optimum flow, making sure tires are at the manufacturers recommended pressure, keeping your trunk empty to reduce weight, avoiding wide open throttle starts from a stop, breaking early as you come to a stop, and using the “Mileage XS” program provided in every Superchips Mileage XS, Superchips Flashpaq, Superchips Cortex, and Superchips Vivid programmer.


Being the pioneer of the tuning industry with 28+ years of experience in the field, Superchips Programmers provides customers with the best solutions for their needs from fuel economy to racing. With increasing fuel costs continuing to rise with no sign of a ceiling in sight, Superchips has the solution to improve mileage in your gasoline and Diesel vehicles with their Mileage XS SAVE tuning.

The way they provide gains with their products, be it mileage or performance, is by extensive dynamometer and road testing, all the while making sure that there are no reductions in overall drivability and longevity of the vehicles power train in the process.


Here is a brief overview on how Superchips products improve fuel economy, and unsolicited testimonials from a few actual customers who use their products.

Optimal Engine Timing

With Superchips advanced timing of fuel delivery in the Mileage XS program, you get a more complete burn. A more complete burn is equivalent to getting more power out of your fuel. This is the first way Superchips products serve to increase fuel economy by getting more power out of the fuel you already use and provides the biggest gains.

Improved Horsepower and Torque

When towing or driving up a steep grade, the increased horsepower offered by the Superchips Flashpaq, Superchips Cortex, or Superchips Vivid tuners provides your truck with more power in a higher gear. Running in a higher gear consumes less fuel because you downshift less, which lowers your RPMs. This is why we consider Superchips products to offer the best of both worlds, increased horsepower and improved fuel economy. And, as an added benefit, less downshifting not only means improved fuel economy; it can help to prolong the life of your transmission.

Improved Atomization (burn efficiency) of Fuel

Atomization is the process by which a bulk liquid is turned into a spray. Superchips products improve the atomization of your fuel. We achieve this by increasing fuel pressure, which creates a finer mist. The increased fuel pressure achieved by Superchips performance electronics improves your fuel’s burn efficiency, thereby improving fuel economy by (once again) getting more out of the fuel you use.


The following table was developed specifically to demonstrate how much money you can save depending on fuel price and the number of miles you drive per year. This table assumes a very conservative gain of only 7%, and a fuel cost of $4 a gallon or less. Real savings may be significantly greater.


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  • Call Superchips' Customer Service at 1-888-227-2447 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST to request a Return Authorization ("RA") number.
  • Mark the outside of the shipping package with the RA number. Packages that are not marked with the RA number will be refused.
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    Superchips, Inc.
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    Attn: Warranty Claims

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