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The History

Bully Dog was founded 1998 in Aberdeen, Idaho by Michael, Phillip, and Daryl Klassen, with a quest to be recognized as the leader in the diesel performance industry. The desire to be a leader in the diesel industry motivated them to stay abreast of new technology in this industry. With the introduction of electronic components and software, they began to research new types of products like intake and exhaust systems to complement their electronic components. By 2005, the company started in include products for gasoline powered vehicles, including todays all new Bully Dog GT 40410.

The Products

Bully Dog products are developed with the customer in mind, and their products are built to reflect that. Bully Dog products allow each user to achieve their own result, from outrageous performance on the race track to improved fuel economy driving down the highway. Bully Dog products have you covered with increased performance, added safety and improved economy. When you check out the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT tuners for gas and diesel vehicles, or the Bully Dog PMT Tuner 40300 for diesel vehicles, you will see what we they are talking about.

Product Development

Bully Dog products are designed to consistently exceeds the customers expectations. All Bully Dog products goes through an in-depth research and development process (R&D) followed by a grueling development procedure that is carried out by a staff of the best engineers in the world. After that, each product is put through endless real world testing. In order to make sure that Bully Dog Products works correctly and flawlessly in various elevations, weather conditions and driving situations from towing a heavy load to racing down the track, Bully Dog does their testing all across the United States.


Bully Dog takes product innovation very seriously. In the past 12 years, Bully Dog has been first to market over 100 items, while also receiving many awards for their revolutionary products. And with the release of the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT and Outlook™ Monitor in 2005, Bully Dog completely changed the tuning world with their ability to adjust power, safety and economy levels on-the-fly while. Then in 2008, Bully Dog did it again with the Triple Dog™ Gauge Tuner, which combined a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in one single unit. The GT monitor allows you to tune, as well as display over fifteen different vehicle parameters (PIDs). It also includes their all new Driving Coach, which teaches end users how to maximize their vehicles fuel economy. The GT performs testing feature is designed to test a vehicles' performance on the drag strip, and when you couple this with their PC analysis software, users can also determine vehicle horsepower. The GT works on the largest range of gasoline powered vehicles, covering eight different vehicle makes and over 50 different models. In 2009 the WatchDog™ was introduced, and will work on all 1996 and later vehicles with an OBDII port. The WatchDog™ serves as a digital gauge and monitor, and features a valuable Driving Coach for gas and diesel powered vehicles. It allows you to monitor over 20 vehicle parameters, all while you receive valuable driving suggestions from the Driving Coach to maximize fuel economy.

February 18, 2013: Bully Dog releases the all new Bully Dog GT Jeep tuner
Bully Dog Technologies once again sets the standard with the release of the GT for Jeep. With exclusive tuning available for 07-13 Jeep Wranglers, the GT is now ready for the road and the trail. For owners needing access to the most power, safety, fuel economy and trail features their Jeep has to offer, the GT for Jeep is a necessity that can be easily found anywhere Bully Dog products are sold.

Developed by Jeep enthusiasts FOR Jeep enthusiasts, the GT allows owners to take full advantage of their vehicles’ off-roading abilities and customize those abilities to their specific needs. It provides many exclusive features; including the ability to calibrate late model Wranglers for a change in Axle Gear Ratio, without putting them into limp mode. Other trail features include Sway Bar Disconnect, Axle Locker Controls, Traction Control on/off, Engine Fan on/off, Idle up and many other innovative features. A full list of features and applications is available on Bully Dog's website.

The GT also mounts cleanly and unobtrusively on the windshield or dash and provides real time monitoring and feedback for a variety of parameters. Audible feedback is also an option, allowing the user to keep their eyes on the trail and enjoy the experience. The GT is the perfect companion for any Jeep; the ultimate accessory for any owner who loves to put their ride smack dab in the middle of its natural habitat.

Available for purchase from Vehicle Programmers, the Bullydog GT 40440 for Jeep features applications for the Wrangler JK (3.8L ’07-’11 and 3.6L ’12-‘13), Commander (4.7L V8 Hemi ’06-’09) and Grand Cherokee (4.7L V8 ’08-09, 5.7L V8 Hemi ’06-’13 and 6.1L V8 Hemi ’06-’10 SRT 8).

April Bully Dog News Letter - Flex Those Pulling Muscles
Many of your customers use their trucks to tow every day. Almost every truck owner puts their baby to work towing at one time or another, and as spring peaks over the horizon, the hauling season is just around the corner. Whether you’re hauling a boat, camper or a few toys, there’s nothing worse than anticipating your destination while being stuck behind a line of slow moving campers. What if you could leave that line behind, pulling your trailer easily with that little something extra to climb the hill without even breaking speed?

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gauge Tuner is the answer. Do you haul your work equipment every day and need to conserve every ounce of fuel? The GT can help. It also has its eyes on vitals under the hood, protecting the engine by preventing overheating. The GT speaks the engines’ language, translating confusing DTCs (Diagnostics Trouble Codes) into plain English, as well as monitoring data like engine and exhaust temperatures. And let’s not forget the exclusive Driving Coach. This integrated tool helps you adjust your driving style to match your budget. Now you can have the power when you want it, and the savings when you need it.

March Bully Dog News Letter - Get the most our of your Bully Dog GT
Get the Most from Your GT The Bully Dog GT Gauge Tuner is four products in one. It’s a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device. It increases your horsepower and can also give you improved fuel economy! Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? With the Bully Dog GT, you get the largest feature set and widest range of vehicle applications available from a single product. Don’t forget it also provides a set of monitoring features and diagnostic functions.

Diesel Towing? Rest assured! Did you know your GT de-fuels your truck to ensure your engine’s safety? The GT automatically reduces fuel sent to the engine, before it gets too hot, to ensure your safety features aren’t compromised.

Picture this… you’re roaring around with your truck in extreme performance mode, right where you want it, until you have to take your trailer somewhere. No time to uninstall & reinstall a different tune – never fear! At the push of a button, even while your engine is running, you can change from Extreme to Tow and your truck is ready for hauling the big stuff! With the GT your truck is an all-purpose Bully.

Everyone knows our tuners give you better fuel economy, but some of you just want more. With the built in ‘driving coach’ you will get better fuel economy than ever before. Set your economy goal and it’ll teach you how to get it as you drive. This secret weapon changes your driving style to match your wallet.

Keep Your Cool The Bully Dog Pyrometer Probe Kit will help you keep an eye on those exhaust gas temperatures. This links with our de-fueling function giving you the ultimate in engine safety. It can accommodate up to two pyrometer probes offering the ability to capture exhaust gas temperatures for two different locations along the exhaust stream.

Bully Dog Warranty

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