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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my new programmer carry the full factory warranty?

A. Yes. Because is a fully authorized dealer for all of the brands we sell, your purchase will be covered by the full factory warranty.


Q. How does an increase in power translate into an increase in mileage?

A. For the purposes of this discussion, let's imagine that you are on a bicycle preparing for an uphill climb.

In example A, the seat is set at it's lowest level, and your knees nearly hit your chin as you peddle. The up hill climb will be difficult, and you will quickly exhaust your available energy.

In example B we will raise the seat as high as it can go. Your toes are stretched and again peddling is very difficult. Once again, a great amount of energy will be used in an effort to climb the hill.

So somewhere between a fully raised and fully lowered seat lies the perfect spot where the bicycle rider can transfer the greatest amount of force on the rear tire. This is what improved tuning is all about. Just like the rider, an engine burns fuel to transfer energy to the rear tires. The more efficiently the engine can transfer that energy, then the more Hp, Torque, and mileage that can be expected from the vehicle. And going back to the bike rider, would you imagine using more energy or less energy when you get the seat at exactly the right height? That's right, the rider will make it up the hill faster while using less energy (fuel) when the bike is adjusted to get the most out of the riders body.


Q. Does guarantee mileage gains?

A. No. Although the great majority of customers see solid improvements in mileage as a result of the improved tuning from a programmer and better air flow from a cold air intake, we can not guarantee these results.


Q. Will a tuner void my vehicle warranty?

A. No. It is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty based solely on the fact that you have installed an aftermarket product. But always remove the tuning before going to a dealer for service. For information regarding denial of warranty coverage, go to the SEMA website.

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