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Get More Power with a Hypertech Programmer

How Do We Tune?

When it comes to performance tuning, Hypertech has been doing longer than anyone. Hypertech invented Power Tuning to improve the performance and efficiency of modern computer controlled vehicles. An internal combustion engine uses the familiar "Combustion Triangle" which requires air, fuel, and spark. Hypertech programming optimizes the "Combustion Triangle" in order to produce maximum performance. The amount of power that can be produced by an engine is proportional to the amount of air and fuel that it can burn. By burning the air/fuel mixture as efficiently as possible, Hypertech maximizes engine performance, and thereby extract maximum power and efficiency. When Hypertech tuning is installed, it will replace the factory tuning in you PCM (Powertrain Control Module) that control engine functions such as spark, timing, and fuel delivery. The process is a slow and demanding process, but it is the only way to optimize engine tuning. Only Hypertech has the experience, personnel, custom equipment, and the dedication to do it.

The Art and Science of Power Tuning

Using two computerized chassis dynamometers in their R&D center, Hypertech’s team of engineers and technicians develop the most powerful tuning programs possible for your vehicle. The first thing they do is start with a fixed RMP, and experimentally adjust the spark timing in order to obtain the highest torque and power readings possible. After they have done that, they then they adjust the air/fuel ratio to obtain the highest possible power and torque readings that an optimized air/fuel mixture can produce at that same RMP. After that, the rpm is increased and the entire procedure is repeated again. And the process continues up to the engine's maximum speed. This technique is called “point-by-point curve fitting”. There is no better way to tune an engine.
Using real world driving conditions to verify their performance, Hypertech calibrations are extensively road tested. The real world results can be very impressive. For example, our Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer for Dodge Cummins 5.9L Diesel produced an additional 174 hp and 285 ft./lbs. of torque without ever opening the hood! How many other aftermarket modifications will do that?
How Power Tuning Works
Vehicle manufacturers tune their vehicles for the average driver who only buys low-octane gasoline and lug the engine. Hypertech Tuning is engineered for drivers who care about performance. Hypertech Tuning makes cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles come to life. These drivers will have more power for climbing hills, hauling heavy loads, and accelerating onto freeways. In addition, most vehicles will get an increase in mileage as a result of a more efficient engine. Diesel applications offer 3 power levels of tuning, while many of the gas applications will offer both 87 and 91 octane tuning options.

When you connect a Hypertech tuner to your vehicle, it recognizes the vehicle's powertrain by reading its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Using the VIN, the Hypertech Programmer will install the precise tuning that was designed for your specific vehicle. Just plug the Hypertech Power Programmer into the diagnostic connector under your dash and answer a series of "Yes/No" questions, and your Hypertech Tuner will do the rest. Hypertech also gives you the ability to return your vehicle to the original factory tuning in just a few minutes. Hypertech Power Tuning is 50 state emission-legal, and does not void the factory warranty. Hypertech puts fun and excitement into driving. It gives performance enthusiasts the performance they want for driving, pulling, or towing.


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