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Superchips Vigilante for Harley Davidson motorcycles!!!


Introducing the Superchips Vigilante

On a canyon tour, a bike week cruise, or a daily commute riding a Harley is all about freedom and power. And in February of 2011, Superchips introduced a new tuning solution that fully unlocks your Harleys potential.

Dial in maximum performance with the hottest new product in a long line of proven performance programmers from the number 1 tuning company. Introducing the awesome new Vigilante from Superchips. The Vigilante is easy to use, and it optimizes your Harleys performance and eliminates the limitations and flaws found in other tuning solutions. Simply put, the Superchips Vigilante is a real game changer.

So why does someone need to tune their Harley Davidson? Factory engineers calibrate engine control computers with a basic set of parameters for a bone stock bike, not necessarily for optimal performance. The Superchips Vigilante give you the ability to dial in your Harleys settings for better power, improved throttle response, better mid-range performance, and a lower engine temperature.

If you modify your bike and don't tune, it may run poorly, or not run at all. From exhaust pipes, air filters, cams, to more aggressive changes like superchargers and big boar kits, the Vigilante will help you run right after all modifications.

With the Superchips Vigilante, you can easily change between tuning maps to adjust for riding conditions to get better fuel economy, to run cooler, or get higher performance. The Vigilante quickly programs new information to your bikes computer, and then stores the original files in case you ever want to return the bike to stock. Within minutes, you can scan the information and easily adjust the settings that affect your power and performance.

Unlike most tuning solutions, the Vigilante works with the stock Harley engine computer and tunes the entire map. It's not a computer replacement or a in line fool device, just 100% tuning through flash technology. It works wirelessly using the Superchips plug in device and your laptop.

The software is a breeze to install. You can load a simple map for a set of pipes and an air cleaner, or you can load a full map for a custom built engine. The first thing you do is load the software on your lap top. Then you find your diagnostics connector on the bike, plug in the Superchips Vigilante, and save the stock file. From there it's a matter of picking the right maps for your bikes configuration. Once you get a custom map loaded, it only takes a few minutes to get a bike up and running.

Quick switch handle bar buttons allow you to switch between pre-selected maps. If you're in the city, you can use a cooler map, or if you're on the highway you can run a performance map. The change is instantaneous just flip a switch.

From the factory, the Harley Davidson bikes have a throttle delay at wide open throttle. The Vigilante will allow you to remove that delay. And the Vigilante shines when it comes to hard part modifications. Harleys need to be tuned for any hard part modification. From pipes to cams to air cleaners to Superchargers, they all require tuning to make your bike run right and protect the motor.

Harleys are tuned lean from the factory, so they run hot. The Superchips Vigilante allows you to significantly lower operating temperatures. This is a critical concern for air cooled bikes. And the Vigilantes data acquisition and trouble codes allow you to monitor and trouble shoot before you go to the dealership, which will save you time and money. The Vigilante allows you to tune your bike to perform better and last longer.

February 25, 2013; Superchips Brings Their Tuning Expertise to Harley Davidson Owners!
Superchips proudly introduces a revolutionary tuning and digital gauge package for 2001-13 fuel-injected Harley Davidson motorcycles! That’s right, the same power and functionality you have grown to love over the past 30 years from Superchips is now available for Harley owners! Superchips Vigilante is an Android-based (Apple coming later this year) product that offers both monitoring and tuning from a tablet or smartphone. Currently there are three major product lines that are part of the Vigilante family – read about each of them below. You can also check out this video below to learn more!

The Superchips Vigilante Scout is a comprehensive gauge package that enables Harley owners to monitor data in real-time on their Android device wirelessly! Whether you want to record your 0-60 time or keep an eye on speed, RPM or a host of other parameters, Scout delivers. Additional Scout features include the option to read and clear trouble codes and data logging capability. Check out our innovative mounting solution for customers planning to mount their Android phones to their bike for digital data monitoring.

The Superchips Vigilante Flash includes all the great benefits of the Scout device with the added feature of tuning your Harley to accommodate aftermarket hi-flow intakes and exhaust systems. Tuning is simple – connect the Vigilante Bluetooth tuning module to your bike. Pair your Android phone/tablet to the tuning device and use the Vigilante smartphone app to answer simple questions about your bike and its aftermarket intake and exhaust upgrades. We’ll find a calibration/map for your setup and instantly deliver it to your phone/tablet. Hit the “program calibration” button on your phone/tablet app and your bike is tuned! Go to the Google Play Store and download the Superchips Vigilante app for free to demo this amazing technology!

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