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Juice With Attitude Logo    In Cabin Monitoring, Huge Power Gains, and "Shift on the Fly" Control


The Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS system is like no other tuning option on the market today. With its Full Color Screen, Multiple Power Levels, and “shift-on-the-fly” capabilities, the Edge Juice with Attitude has no competition. With the Juice under the hood, you will once again remember why you’re a diesel guy!


When it comes to being cool, the Edge Juice with Attitude has the market cornered. The Edge Juice with Attitude is available in a CS (Color Screen), as well as a CTS (Color Touch Screen) option. The Edge Juice with Attitude CS includes a 2.4” Color Screen, while the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS offers a 4.3 in Color Touch Screen. The CTS also includes video inputs that allow it to work with the optional Edge Back-up Camera. Using the included MyStyle software, you can customize you’re monitor and even upload your own pictures for an even more personalized look.


The Juice with Attitude CS and CTS doesn’t work like most programmers on the market, including the Edge Evolution, because it doesn't reprogram your trucks computer. Instead, the Juice Module is connected to factory sensors under the hood, where it intercepts your trucks programming signals. It then sends modified signals with new tuning information, to provide more HP, torque, improved fuel economy, and many other drivability improvements. The installation is simple, and can be done by anyone.

The Attitude CS or CTS monitor mounts in the cab, and communicates with the Juice Module that is under your hood, allowing you to gather real time information, as well as allowing you to Shift-On-The-Fly. This means you don't have to stop and re-program your truck in order to change power levels.

The Juice with Attitude CS and CTS are loaded with at least 5 different power levels. Each power level is tuned for specific situations. This allows you to choose the power level that best suits your driving situation and style.


When you install the Juice with Attitude, the first thing you will probably notice is the improved performance, especially if this is your first time driving a diesel truck with a performance module. You will experience more power, better throttle response, better passing and acceleration, as well as improved fuel economy.

Power level 1: This power level is specifically designed to improve fuel economy, and provides a minimal power gain.

Power level 2: Designed for towing, this power level allows you to maintain speed when climbing hills, while the added power will allow you to stay in higher gears. This increased power gives you the muscle you need to get the job done, while keeping your transmission from “Hunting” for gears.

Power Level 3: Designed for major performance gains, this power level is the highest level you should run a stock truck. It offers maximum performance without requiring other modifications.

Power Level 4 & 5: These power levels are designed for racing, and provide substantial hp and torque gains. These tunes are designed to be used on vehicles with upgraded drive trains that are capable of handling the additional power

Power Level 6: Available for purchase in some models, and also requires drivetrain modifications.


The Edge Juice with Attitude doesn’t just produce power, but also protects you’re investment. The juice with attitude includes a turbo timer, which enables the trucks engine to continue running after the ignition is turned off and the key is removed. The engine will turn off automatically after it has been properly cooled.
The Juice also has “cold engine protection”, and adjusts the tuning based on engine temperature. When the engine is less than 140 degrees, the Juice will not deliver advance tuning. At 140 degrees the modules starts to deliver additional fuel, and increases until the vehicle finally reaches at least 160 degrees. At that time, the juice delivers 100% of the calculated fuel.
The Edge Juice with Attitude is also equipped with back down safety features. This decreases fueling during certain situations to provide smoother shifts, along with EGT protection. With dynamic safety elements, and customized options, the Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS helps you to improve your performance while extending the life of your diesel vehicle.


By plugging into your vehicles OBD2 port, the Edge Attitude monitor communicates with your trucks computer, and displays a wide variety of important information about your vehicles performance. The screen displays can easily be changed and configured to allow you to view the data that is most important to you. This includes customized gauges, alerts, and safety features. This means that you can not only monitor important engine data such as EGT’s, but you can also create user defined safety alerts that will audibly and visually let you know when your reaching your predefined boundary. This advanced monitoring and alerting capability helps you to use the added power safely in order to protect you and your vehicle. The Edge Juice with Attitude will monitor EGT’s, Boost PSI, Battery Voltage, Transmission fluid Temperature, and engine coolant temp to name a few.


The Edge Juice with Attitude allows you to test the performance of your vehicle by timing 0-60 and 1/4 mile runs using a built in drag strip Christmas tree light system. The device will even graph these runs to help you better view and analyze the results. The Edge Juice with Attitude includes a powerful diagnostics tool that allows you to view, read a brief description and clear diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights on the vehicle.


The Edge Juice with Attitude CTS’s 4.3 inch color screen has video input, which supports the optional Edge Back Up Camera. The Edge camera uses night vision technology, allowing you to back up safely day or night. It also includes an anti-theft license plate mount. Once the backup camera is installed, the Juice with Attitude CTS’s color screen will display the backup camera any time the vehicle is put in reverse.


The Edge Juice with Attitude can be used in conjunction with many optional accessories, including Edge EGT Sensors and Turbo Timers to name a few.


The Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS is completely updateable over the internet, and includes a universal USB cable that plugs into your personal computer. Your tuner connects directly to the internet, and allows you to download new updates, new features, new tuning files, and more in the comfort of your own home, and without ever sending your device back to Edge.


Simply put, the Edge Juice with Attitude has it all. With all of its style, power, and safety features, the Edge Juice with Attitude has no real competition. So what’s it going to be? Will the Edge Juice with Attitude be the tuner you buy, or the tuner you wished you bought?

January 05, 2012; Edge Announces Edge Juice with Attitude coverage for 2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesels
Another great announcement from Edge.... now available it the Edge Juice with Attitude 31005 for 2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesels and the Edge Juice with Attitude 31105 for 2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesels. Coverage is now available on Juice with Attitude CS and CTS products! No need to send in products for updates.Part numbers 31005 and 31105 are ready for the 2007.5-2012 Dodge Cummins trucks.

January 23, 2011; Edge Racing Juice/Attitude CS/CTS Now Available for 2010-2011 Dodge Diesel Trucks part number 31206 and 31306
Edge Products has announced the release of the Edge Racing Juice with Attitude CS (Color Screen) and CTS (Color Touch Screen) for the 2010-2011 Dodge 6.7L Cummins diesel trucks. Edge Products is the first company to release a racing product for the 6.7L Dodge, and it offers shift-on-the-fly capabilities, in-cab monitoring, as well as real time safety features, and extreme horsepower gains. The Edge Juice with Attitude CS for 2010-2011 Dodge Diesel Trucks will be covered by part number 31206, while the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS for 2010-2011 Dodge Diesel Trucks will be covered by part number 31306.

Included in the Edge Racing Juice with Attitude CS/CTS is an amazing seven power levels that provide unbelievable horsepower and torque gains, with up to 175 additional HP and 315 ft. lbs. of torque. The Edge Racing module has custom-built tunes that are designed for race and competition vehicles that are using modified free-flowing exhaust systems. The Edge Racing Juice with Attitude CS/CTS is not street legal, so it cannot be used for any other purposes other than off-road, legal competition, and other race uses.

The Edge Racing Juice with Attitude features a whole host of adjustable safety and alert settings to protect your engine from damage. The product can perform Manual Regeneration allowing the user to initiate diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration (cleaning) on demand. The turbo cool down timer allows the engine to run for a specified time after key-off or until a desired EGT is reached. And the cold-engine protection delays adding power from the Juice module until the engine reaches normal operating temperatures. Low-end responsiveness can be adjusted to minimize DPF soot buildup, and the system can defuel for high EGTs, high boost, and excessive torque converter and clutch slip. The system's in-cab display shows powertrain information without the need for aftermarket gauges. Adjustable audible alerts for EGT, boost, engine temp, transmission temp, DPF regeneration, and speed are just of few of the many safety alerts. The system records maximum values for engine coolant temp, transmission temp, backdown %, speed, and RPM. Edge's versatile MyStyle and Maintenance Manager Software are included, and allow complete customizability and an up-to-date maintenance schedule. All parameters are viewable in US or Metric units of measure.

Diagnostic and testing features are included in the Juice with Attitude CS/CTS. The Edge system allows customers to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. Performance tests for 0-60 MPH and 1/4 mile times can be performed to test improvements or modifications done to the truck. Aftermarket tire sizes can be put into the Attitude CS /CTS to display correct vehicle speed.

February 21, 2011; Edge Products Releases New Backup Camera for the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS
Ogden UT, Edge Products has announced the release of a new backup camera accessory for all Edge Juice with Attitude CTS monitors. This new back up camera for the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS is waterproof, durable, and virtually invisible, and is easy to install. It simply plugs into the Edge Juice with Attitude CTS monitor's video input. Night vision LEDs add additional safety as drivers will be able to see behind their vehicles in even the darkest of conditions by simply looking into viewing their Edge Juice with Attitudes 4.3 inch color screen. The parking guidelines on the Juice with Attitudes CTS monitor helps guide the driver and provide better depth perception beyond what the human eye is capable of.

January 20, 2011; Edge Announces Software Update for the Juice with Attitude CS & CTS
Edge has announces the release of version 2.2 for all Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS products. Included in this new software update is Edge's all-new Maintenance Manager! The new Maintenance Manager Software allows owners of the Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS to have the utmost control in managing their vehicle's maintenance.

Included in Version 2.2 for the Edge Juice with Attitude is:

- Maintenance Manager: This allows owners of the Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS to customize and manage your vehicle maintenance schedule.

- Metric Unit Support: The Edge Juice with Attitude CS and CTS can now be used for Standard English or metric units of measure.

- Extended Dodge PID (parameter ID) support: The Edge CS and CTS Monitor will now read additional engine and transmission parameters for Dodge diesel trucks.

To upgrade your Edge Juice with Attitude CS or CTS models, just download the latest software update from Edge for FREE.

Do I need to use a Pyrometer with my Edge Juice With Attitude?
Knowing your exhaust gas temperature is critical to diesel owners. In fact, there is few things that will damage or destroy a diesel engine faster than excessive exhaust gas temperatures (EGT).

Diesel pickups and motor homes don't come equipped with a pyrometer as standard equipment to monitor EGT, with the exception of Ford's 6.4 L. And even though the 6.4L comes with a pyrometer, Ford didn't equip the vehicle with a gauge in order to monitor your EGT's

When diesel engines are operated under normal conditions, the EGTs usually stay within safe limits. However, situations such as towing will allow the EGT's to get too high, and this could cause serious engine damage. A gauge that displays a diesel's EGT can warn the driver of dangerous conditions before such damage occurs.

By using the Edge CS or the Edge CTS monitor in conjunction with the Edge EGT Pyrometer 98601, owners of late model diesel vehicles can monitor their vehicles exhaust temperature in order to prevent damage caused by excessive exhaust temperatures for extended periods of time.

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